Our Vision:
To establish sustainable partnership with our customers in the Management of Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Reputation and Quality.

To provide competent partnership and professional expertise in the Management of Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Reputation and Quality.

SHERRQ is the acronym for Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Reputation and Quality Management. In today’s business, effective management of S-H-E-R-R-Q as defined above is a huge challenge. This is because the requirements of international and local authorities, as well as the society at large, for safe and healthy workplaces and for the protection of the environment, are ever increasing. Moreover, effective management of safety, health and environment supports business continuity by reducing the risk of incidents, reducing costs, increasing income, enhancing reputation, improving quality and increasing market share. We, in SHERRQ, believe that having up-to-date tools, equipment, and procedures in place, will not by themselves guarantee effectiveness, unless staff is working as one team towards achieving the common goal of the organization. Putting people together in a group will not make them a team unless they are united by a system that binds them to a common goal. Success of many large organizations has been supported by a team-based management system that has a defined vision. Our belief stems from real life events, where business continuity of reputable organizations in oil and gas and other industries was at risk when the oil prices collapsed in the 80s and 90s.

Scope of Our Services

SHERRQ provides effective management support to business with respect to the above challenges. Our supports cover:
• Mapping business activities, identifying hazards, assessing risk potentials and prioritizing them, establishing or verifying controls and mitigation plans.
• Establishing necessary management system framework and its related codes of practice, procedures, specifications and guidelines.
• Impart skills and knowledge requirements for managing the mitigation plans and providing classroom and on-the- job training and coaching.
• Assisting in redesigning the organization to reflect natural team-based structure, and training and coaching staff to work as teams.
• Establishing proactive and reactive performance indicators, and monitoring and reporting performance.
• Establishing strategic plans for assurance, auditing and identifying opportunities for improvement, and updating the control and mitigation plans for continual improvement.
• Establishing emergency response management system, including necessary procedures and contingency plans for various scenarios.
• Auditing of Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, Reputation and Quality Management System for Compliance and Adequacy.

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